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November 10, 2012
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SAINW-Nightmare+Story by AmeUchikina-Chan SAINW-Nightmare+Story by AmeUchikina-Chan
Story behind image:
Don Tossed and turned in his sleep. Constant memories of his time in that nightmare of a Parallel universe.

Looking around, the olive green turtle sees himself in their old home. In his hands an old toy that he made when he was just a tot from varies pieces of metal and machinery floating in the sewers. In the distance he heard arguing. Donny left his room and into, what was then, the living room. There Leonardo and Raph were arguing as usual. Don let out a small sigh as he crossed his arms.

"You guys.." Before finishing, something caught his brown eye. There, behind the couch, was what seemed to be something hiding. Before trying to stop Leo and Raph from fighting, Don walked over to see a sea green tot holding onto an old dirty teddy bear in his arms. His eyes were closed shut as he held on to that bear for dear life. The olive green Tot raised a brow as he got on his knees as placed a hand on his younger brother's shoulder.

"Mikey? what's wrong..?" Within seconds Mikey had grabbed a hold onto Donny. Hiding his face in his older brother's plastron. Donny was baffled. Dumbfounded as to why Mikey was behaving this way. "Mikey, what is it? Why are you so scared..?" Donny was now worried. Wondering if Leo or Raph had done something to hurt his little brother. A small whisper finally slipped out of Mikey's lips, causing Donny to quickly turn his gaze from Leo and Raph back to Mikey.

"Make....op..." Mikey mumbled. Donny wasn't able to understand what Mikey just asked.

"What was that Mikey...?" He asked kindly. Mikey started trembling as he repeated his whisper, now a louder mumble.

"Make them stop..." Finally, it hit Donny. This was a fragment of his past memory. When all four of the turtles were just tots, Leo and Raph would argue a lot over food, toys, games, and positions. Don was sort of used to it, however Mikey hated it when the two fought. It always gave him a sense of separation. He constantly had a fear of being left alone after one small argument gone wrong. In the past Donny was telling Mikey that he promised to keep the family together, this would reassure his younger brother and he would sleep well that night.

"Is that all...Come now Mikey I promise to keep this family together, always and forever." Don gave his brother a warm and loving smile. The sea green turtle didn't move for a while. Eventually the younger turtle let go of his older brother. Not looking up he chuckled a little, unenthusiastically.

"You promise...huh?" Still holding on to the teddy bear, Mikey averted his gaze from his older brother. Don was confused, his warm smile shortened a bit as he raised an eye brow in insecurity and confusion.

"O-of course, I promise to do just that..." Don stuttered a little as he watched Mikey, wondering if this was a reality or just a dream. Mikey looked up to stare at Donny with teary blue eyes. Donny's smile was now completely gone, he desperately wanted to help his little brother. He always hated seeing him so sad and hurt. Placing a hand on the tot's shoulder, he started to think of comforting words to help Mikey out of his current frightened state. However, before he could speak, the tot with the orange bandanna quickly shifted backwards, putting his hands up as if someone were about to shoot him. Donny stared at Mikey with eyes wide open.

"M-Mikey..? W-Wha-" Before he could finish Mikey had snapped and started to criticize Donny.

"You could have saved us Donny! You could have stopped them from leaving! You could have ended their fighting! Why did you leave us?!" The young tot shouted with tears in his eyes. Donatello was confused and shocked as to what Mikey was saying. What did he mean by "Leave them"? Don hadn't left anyone. From what he saw, he was still home with his brothers. Don took another look around his surroundings. It changed, the laid had disappeared. Everything was dark, it seemed as if the sun was setting in the surface. The sewers were empty only Mikey and Don where in the tunnels. 'What did...' though Donatello. He turned back to look at Mikey, and he was all cut up covered in blood. His left arm missing. Horrified Don screamed.

"M-mikey! W-what the...How di-.." Flashes of memories started passing through Donny's mind. He re-saw everything he had experienced in that nightmare of a parallel universe. Two of his brothers laying on top of another in a pool of their own blood. Michelangelo also in a pool of his own blood only with a staff embedded in his chest. All these scenes passed through Donny's head. It was all too much he wanted to leave, wake up, see his brothers again.

All covered in sweat, Donny woke up, panting heavily as he paniced. Looking around his surroundings, he realized he was back in his reality. Sighing softly he laid down once more. Covering his eyes with his forearm, the olive green turtle tried to catch his breath. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door, with a slight creek, it opened and Mikey was at the door. He looked half asleep as he walked up to his older brother. Rubbing one eye, he looked down at Donny.

"Donny...What's wrong? You've been grunting in your sleep all night..." Don took his forearm off his eyes, looking up at his brothers face and normal body, he smiled kindly.

"N-no, its nothing. Just a small nightmare.." Mikey shrugged and walked out of the room, closing the door. Donny smiled as he looked up at the ceiling. His smile turning into a frown as he reflected upon the past.

Back in the past, as stated earlier, Leo and Raph would constantly argue about the little things. Obviously Mikey disliked every minute of the two's quarrel. If Don hadn't bothered to check on the three tots in the living room when they were all children, chances are things might have ended up differently. Ever since that day, the day Mikey asked Don to stop the arguing, Don swore to his little brother to try to keep his family together the best way he could. With his kind-heartedness, Don was able to divert the arguing from turning into something horrible preventing any future mishaps that would have occurred if he hadn't checked on his brothers so long ago.
"As we live our livess, we expirence moments we wish would last forever. It's presious mements such as these that make us realize: everyone and everything around us is so precious that one wrong move and it can all shatter as if they were made of glass."

Wooo that was a long story to write =3='
Sorry if its not so good. Its kind of my first time writing a fanfiction. Though it was kind of fun. Originally it wasn't to be a fanfiction, it was just to be a brief explanation of the picture above and how it relates to SAINW. But I couldn't help myself before I knew it I had written this story to go with the image. Feel free to read it if you want, you don't have to though.

Basically the story behind this is that ever since they returned from their adventure in different dimensions/universes/worlds, Donatello has been having reoccurring nightmares about the events that have transpired during his time there in the SAINW world. One dream that he couldn't stand was one of him reliving his past as a tot during one of Leos and raphs fights. At the time, Mikey hated the two fighting and feared seperatation. However Don had promised to keep the family together long ago to calm Michelangelo's nerves. However, in his nightmares, Mikey isn't so understanding and reminds Donny of his mistakes and what he could've done to save them. One thing Donny always never wanted to see was his littlest brother with a broken, or messed up, childhood. This then leads to flash backs and constant what ifs shifting constantly through his sleep. Eventually he wakes up to find he's still in his own world, and a comforting Michelangelo enters his room to see what was wrong. Seeing that his brother was still normal, naive, knuckle-headed and foolish it calmed his fears and worries. Telling Mikey that is was nothing. The two turtles then go back to sleep.

Could be considered TCEST :3

Last quote assisted while listening to the song: Made of Glass by ATB

Big thanks to the following videos for assistance of finishing this:

TMNT(c) Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird
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:DThanks. Okay, I'm good now!
YAYProductions May 27, 2013  Student Writer
So sad but such a good story.
Nothing like a good sob story~.
That... Was...... EEPIICC!!!! And sad. BUT EPIC!!!!
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