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Hello, Ame here

Just wanted to throw out there that I have not forgotten about those that have commissioned me!! I've been thrown for a loop with school and I've been behind on finishing them up. I apologize dearly for the long wait but I wanted to make sure that i haven't Forgotten about them!!

To those interested in commissioning me, you can find my Emergency Commission Info Here:Emergency Summer Commissions OPEN!! 

Or if you'd like, I also have a Patreon if you'd like to support me! I do monthly (N)SFW requests for those who Pledge $5+!!! 
My Patreon:
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Hey guys its been a long time since i was last on here, things have been a little hecktic this year so i haven't had the chance to draw or work on anything due to some events.
One of them being, I got nasal surgery! Yay, i had to get my septum corrected since it was deviated to the right so i had trouble breathing, and i'm on two weeks after surgery and recovery is going good right now!
Things are going a little easy right now, slowly but assuredly i'm getting there. On a high not I may be attending my first Con in December I believe, with my Fianace :iconthunderlock: and a friend of ours. We'll be attending Furfest, i'm really excited and i can't wait to go! 

Thats about all as for recent events that i can cover, but hopefully i'll be able to draw more and post more stuff on ehre and my other accounts before school starts! Thanks for reading guys and have a wonderful day :heart:
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Hello there, I do apologize for my lack of ttention here, I haven't really made anything Deviant art Friendly in a while plus theres been a bit of drama occuring here at home with school and a bunch of other stuff that i don't want to go into. But everything is good now at the moment, I want to thank every single person who wished me a happy birthday, I do apologize I didn't thank you guys earlier. It really means a lot and it really made my day, i'll hopefully be more mindful of posting before i have to get back to school on here, in addition to my youtube channel, and other sites that you guys follow me on :D

Once again, thank you guys for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate it <3
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Hey guys I happened to have some free time at the moment, so imma draw some stuff, you guys want to join me?
I'll be drawing SasuNaru, a shipping i still love to this day even after the official ships I dun care XD
I might even draw some r-18 stuff so if you want to drop by here's the link:…

I'm currently editing my settings for the livestream so the video might take a while to be up but I shouldn't take long, anyway see you there :D
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Just a little curious, who plays minecraft. I've gotten one and i'm getting a little bored playing on my own.
Anybody wanna play multiplayer with me? : 3
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Hope all you guys are having a fun summer : D

Sorry i haven't posting here much, if anything Tumblr has been getting more of my drawings then here since they are all random sketches o3o
Not to mention my brain keeps filling up with new ideas and methods for drawing some new characters. As of yet I've started watching the new anime of the summer: Love stage, Sword Art Online (Both Seasons), Second Season of Free!, Haikyuu, DMMD Anime and many others!!! Along with the new anime I'm still trying to perfect, or rather, get used to drawing/sketching in the hetalia style, as well trying to teach myself painting methods. And all these have been clashing with my upcoming year of my sophmore year in College (horray..:iconitalysadplz: ) I've been having a lot of trouble with getting my classes together in a way that would be easy for me to cope with as well as trying to get a certain amount of hours so that I don't fall behind. So I'mma fill it up with history classes (because I love it and the fact that its also been the easiest subject for me as apposed to all others). Along with a German Language class, wooo!! :iconyayfemgermanyplz:

So enough about school!! Unfortunately I don't have much of a summer left. I have about a month or so. With that i'm still working on people's commissions, just a bit slow with a few recent stuff that I was given. But I think I can finally spend the rest of my time left for relaxation and commission stuffs. Not to mention I'm really excited for this upcomming weekend because my boyfriend :iconthunderlock: is coming to visit me and after about a year we finally get to see each other face to face!! ; 7 ;

Hopefully the weather shouldn't be too bad to go out or chill at home. Because seriously man fuck Chicago weather its either extremely hot or extremely cold, the cool warm season doesn't last long!!! :icongermanyplz:

Thats about it from my end update/info wise XDD
Anyway enjoy the rest ofyour summer guys!! I'm off to work now!! : P
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I suuuuuck at titles

Hey guys! I'd like to thank you all for the Birthday wishes! I really appreciate them so much you have no idea. Especially since this year has been
pretty stressful and hectic since becoming a college freshmen, and things didn't get better once I got my final grades for this semester. So when I saw that my birthday
was coming up, I dreaded the day more than I usually do, but just getting these birthday wishes cheered me up!

I'd Also like to thank all my new watchers and everyone who has faved my work over the year! I really appreciate it, unfortunately I can't thank you all one by one because
I don't have the time to do so, however I really appreciate all your guy's feedback on my work, and I'm really glad that you guys enjoy my drawings!

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Hey guys, :iconthunderlock: finally listened to me and started to reupload his original story: Spirit Gardiens
Go check it out, he's an amazing writer and i just love reading this story! :D
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Since I won't get my new monitor until later on, I'm going to open Point Commissions for 
Pencil sketches. Unfortunately I'm not that good at coloring with my prisma colors yet, so this will only be pencil sketches :3

Head shot: 10:iconpointsplz:

Half Body shot: 25:iconpointsplz:

Full Body shot: 35:iconpointsplz:

Extra notes:
W/ Background: +10:iconpointsplz:
+1 character: +15:iconpointsplz:

Note me if you want one, or if you have any questions :3
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Just as the title says I won't be doing colored art for a while.  The reason for this is because I believe that my
monitor screen is about to die of old age. Every time I turn on my computer, everything on my screen gets tinted in a light blue color.
At first it wasn't so bad, seeing that after a couple minutes, or hours, the screen would return to it's normal white color. Unfortunately, it hasn't
been doing that as of late. It eventually started to take longer for the monitor to return to normal. Even a few days. But now, the blue tint won't go away.
Its been a good two weeks since the last time my screen was normal. I've restarted my computer, I turned the monitor on and off. But to no avail. I later found out that  it could either be the monitor's color dying out, or the computer's video card dying out. Seeing that restarting the computer did no help, even shutting if off didn't help. It mean that my monitor is going to die soon. Luckily I'll be getting a new monitor, the issue is I don't know when. I might have to put up with this blue tinted one until it dies out completely. But I honestly can't take it any more. I really miss coloring, because of my screen's bullshit I haven't drawn much, and i have a lot of unfinished sketches just lying around in my folder that I'm itching to finish. I suffer from a few withdrawal symptoms when I don't draw for a while. i get distracted more easily, I have trouble paying attention because I haven't put a lot of my minds wonderings on paper. And since I spend most of my time in school now, its really starting to effect my academics a bit. I'm doodling in class instead of listening to lectures and its just all getting me annoyed. -_-;

So I may be on a bit of a hiatus from here drawing wise, at least finished colored products. But even sketching is starting to get a bit annoying since the blue tint is really hurting my eyes. Commissions might be a bit slower because of this as well. I'm sorry guys, I'll try to get a new monitor as fast as I can. D:
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This semester's nearly coming to an end and I'm so tired. I just came home from an exam
only to find out that my chemistry grade is a failing one. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Chemistry
is one of two subjects in school that I despise with a passion. Which is saying something since I adore science courses, most of em at least.
I think I'm going to have to retake this course again. Which sucks considering that I found out I might have to stay another year in my university.

Regardless, I can't wait for summer! I'm suffering from withdrawl symptoms from not drawing anything in a week. Hopefully when summer comes, I'll be able to start and finish two Doujinshi projects I have started during my spring break. 

So sorry for the lack of submitting this upcoming month. See you guys over the summer! : D
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Hey guys, it seems that more and more people are having more trouble finding the pages of the Donny x Mikey comic that i have posted on Inkbunny. Since I've been getting questions all the time on how to find my Inkbunny/ the pages, I figured I'll make a small tutorial for those that are unaware about the mature settings of IB :3

I'll try my best to explain, so if I apologize for my inability to explain well! xD

♦First off, for those who want my Inkbunny, there is a link to my Inkbunny account on my ID widget on my profile :3

♦Now for those on Inkbunny, the reason you might not be able to see only a few pictures is because I have most, if not all, the settings of the comic like this. 

♦To be able to view images that are under these settings, you'll have to change your "Allowed Settings". So when your on your account

♦At below the green bar with your Username on it, there are a few more settings:

♦Click on the "Allowed Settings"

 ♦And that will take you to this page:

♦And you select sexual content on the Adult category! : D

Now this should allow you to view the rest of the comic! If you still can't see it, then I'm not sure what else one could do, I apologize for that! D:

☻For those who have asked me to upload them here, I'm sorry I won't be doing that. The reason for that is because the later images do break Deviantart's rules. And I don't want to risk the images being removed and then have to re-upload them later. I find it a hassel to do it only for them to be deleted so, sorry about that! D:

☻Also! I'd like to thank a deviant that helped me find out about this. Unfortunately, due to my shitty memory, I forgot who it was that told me about this process! Please tell me who you are so that I can give you credit for helping me with this! :D
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Well, I'm back into the Sonic Franchise! :U
Well I actually never left, I just I started drawing other shit that I completely forgot how to do "my" sonic style :I
So I have one thing to complain, WHY THE CRAP IS SONIC SO HARD TO DRAW Dx
Anyway, Sonic will be a new thing added to my Gallery :3

Going to go back and destroy/recreate past OC's so their not as shitish as they were before xD
As well as some Sonadow Shit because Imma weirdo :U
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This time I'm going to sketch and draw HaruDolphin :3
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Taking a quick break from hw for now. Come on over if you wanna see Makoto Chibiness
Iss about MermanAU : D
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Hey guys, hows it been going? I apologize for the spamming of sketches! It's just the only thing that I'm able to draw quickly with meh damn school schedule! Gaaah! However these past three days have been rather easy going since THERE WAS A SCHOOL STRIKE!!! And its been amazing! Hahahahah >D
Hopefully the walk out will have no success and the teachers will go on strike by the end of the semester! *Crosses fingers*

Anyway, enough of my school life, I've been wasting a looooooooot of my time with video games this past weekend and week. Since I've been spending a lot of time watching PeanutButterGamer's Zelda Month videos Check'EmOutTheirAwesome :I So with that it got me into wanting to play my LoZ games. Since I have the Zelda Collection (LoZ I & II, OoT, LoZ: Majora's Mask <----favorite!!! :I //Bricked) and Wind Waker for the GameCube I finally thought, Imma pass Wind Waker! because I was too much of a pussy to pass Majora's Mask at night by myself. AAAAND thats how I spent my weekend, I finished it I believe on Saturday night. And I started the second Quest and am currently passing it again! WOOOO! <---Real excitement, really! I swear!

On Tuesday, a friend came over Monday. We spent the whole night playing Melee versus mode and freaking out. Since I didn't have school due to the strike and neither did he. We played all night until dawn. By mourning we woke up and meh dad made omelets! Q u Q SO HAPPY, MUCH DELISH~ TT u TT And then it started to go down hill after that. After a while, me and a friend got bored of Melee and decided to play Brawl since we haven't played it in a long time! So I was all excited and started throwing my hands around! I went into my brother's room and grabbed the Wii Did I mention the Wii belonged to my brother and I jack it from his room to use it b/c he hasn't used it since the day he bought it which was four years ago or so? So we connected it and turned the game on and we were ready to get our game on! About an hour or so later, just when we were about to make the climax of our battle, the Wii SHUTS OFF D; I went over to touch the game and it was hot! I had forgotten that the fan was busted, and after an hour of researching and messing with the fan of the Wii, I found out that it was stuck. And even after trying to push the fan blades gently with a sewing needle, it wouldn't budged. So I had to order a new fan, the ones that you connect via USB, though I heard it breaks down after three weeks. But it's four/Three dollars, and I don't really care if it's noisy/loud. Just as long as I get to play the games I have TT~TT

So Then Today, I was going through deviant art and I remembered that the previous account that I had here SonadowHedgehog I remembered that I had an old LoZ Comic from the Four Swords Manga. And like the freak I am, I shipped Blue/Red and Dark/Vio in it. And with that, I made a mini doujinshi/Comic that I posted every now and again when I had the time. (I was in Highschool/Elementary eighth grade so I had a lot of free time). So with that I decided to look for the old pages to try to see if I can continue it and maybe finalize it. So there's that to look for, of course what I plan to do is to post the doujinshi/Comic here on DA and my other accounts excluding IB and then post a preview of a .rar/.zip of the comic + Extra mini comics + maybe a few digital stickers, that can only be gotten through purchase of the comic. Of course this would be sent to you via email/messanger. Method of payment still being Paypal.

So there's that to look forward too :3
As for the DxM Comic: Not sure if I will be able to continue it, at least not now. Especially since I want to do this project and the other RxM project that I had and another LoZ and Hetalia project that I'm still sorta planning out. Along with an OC project too, thats not including commissions. So it might take a while for me to get the continuing, that is if I decide to finish it.

So with that, Overall:
I've been very lazy these past three days, haven't done any hw and have been playing a bit more Video games than usual. I'm practicing on Comics/projects and hopefully will post them within this year so look out for those! :3

:star:If you want to Commission me, infromation can be found here:star:
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Commissions.:Price edits:.

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 19, 2014, 10:59 AM
:star:-Process: If interested, note me. Be prepared with what you would like and Character reference sheets if OC or AU character. I will work out the sketch of it, then show you the cleaned sketch to see if its what you like or if you would like some changes or edits. Once the sketch has been approved by you, please pay after it's been approved.  I won't post the final finished image/Send it to you until I have paid me.

Prices & Examples :

:star:-(Clean)Sketches: $1 for one character, if you want more then it will be 1$ extra per character.
WIP: Makoto by AmeUchikina-Chan Mpreg, Sasori by AmeUchikina-Chan KouBodySketch by AmeUchikina-Chan Aomine Daiki Chibi by AmeUchikina-Chan
:star:-Colored Skeches: $3 for one character, an extra dollar per extra character
Tired by AmeUchikina-Chan Itapan by AmeUchikina-Chan 2!P HRExChibitaly by AmeUchikina-Chan
:star:-Outlines: $4 for one character, an extra dollar per extra character
On the brink of Insanity... by AmeUchikina-Chan

Mature Content

Ame Uchikina by AmeUchikina-Chan
Cannibler Outline by AmeUchikina-Chan
:star:-Flatly colored: $5 for one character, an extra dollar per extra character
Chibi Russia AprilFools by AmeUchikina-Chan HELLLOOOOO DOCTOR!!! by AmeUchikina-Chan Attention~ by AmeUchikina-Chan Porky Cazares by AmeUchikina-Chan
:star:-CellShading: $6 for one character, an extra dollar per extra character
Eren Jaeger: Abridged by AmeUchikina-Chan Commission: TurtleTitan by AmeUchikina-Chan Philo-chan~ by AmeUchikina-Chan
:star:-Detailed color: Can rang from $7 - $10s. Depending on how detailed you would like it. For one character, an extra $2 per Extra character.
AmeChan by AmeUchikina-Chan

Mature Content

Wolf Feli by AmeUchikina-Chan
How many!? by AmeUchikina-Chan

:star:-Painting/soft shading&Highlights: $15 -$20 Depending on difficulty, and how detailed you would like it. For one character, an extra $3 per extra character
Man of Steel: First Kill Pt. 2 by AmeUchikina-Chan Meeting by AmeUchikina-Chan MarcoBodt by AmeUchikina-Chan
:star:-Comic Pages: $12 for 2 pages (8x11). For more than three, it will be $9 per page.
Commission: Page 1 by AmeUchikina-Chan Commission: Pg 2 by AmeUchikina-Chan
:star:-Sexual Material: This section depends on Which of the above choices you would want it to be sexual. Sexual content will only be $5 extra.
(Ex. Want a flatly colored character jerking off, would be ten dollars)
What are you Doing....? by AmeUchikina-Chan Teasing Ame~ by AmeUchikina-Chan

Mature Content

X-Ray Vision by AmeUchikina-Chan

Mature Content

Hello there ladies~! by AmeUchikina-Chan

Mature Content

Play time by AmeUchikina-Chan

(These examples can be fully viewed on Y! Gallery)

My Method of payment is still Paypal.

These are the following shows/things I can draw
Anime/show Characters (TMNT, Free!, SnK, KnK, KnB, Hetalia, ect)
Hetero pairings (Light romance/Hentai)
Homo pairings (Shonen-ai/Yaoi)
Light Guro

:star:Note me if you have any questions! :P :star:


Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan:thumb384938392: TMNT Stamp by KawaiiKittee88 Hetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa
Kuroko no Basuke Stamp by junko-in-the-box YuGiOh stamp by prosaix Yu-Gi-Oh GX Stamp by AESD Pokemon Games Stamp by thatkidkale
Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 DC by laselwoo Junjou Romantica stamp by Blue--Rosa Sekaiichi hatsukoi stamp by vampireotakuhime-san

First week day of school.

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 14, 2014, 7:21 PM
Pretty slow, have little to no homework. Only to purchase books :iconbubbleannoyedplz: The only hw assignment is for my Chem Lab but thats not due until the week after next week. This'll be the only week I'll be able to be online :P


Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan:thumb384938392: TMNT Stamp by KawaiiKittee88 Hetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa
Kuroko no Basuke Stamp by junko-in-the-box YuGiOh stamp by prosaix Yu-Gi-Oh GX Stamp by AESD Pokemon Games Stamp by thatkidkale
Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 DC by laselwoo Junjou Romantica stamp by Blue--Rosa Sekaiichi hatsukoi stamp by vampireotakuhime-san

.:Beginning of a New Semester:.

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 11, 2014, 11:17 PM
    Hey guys, I know already as it is I'm pretty low on submissions as of late (Not counting the spam sketches I've uploaded). Well get ready because that submission statues is going to continue to drop for the next three-to-four months!

    Unfortunately I'm going to have to say goodbye to my Winter Vacation soon, and come this Monday I'll be starting school again. I don't think I'll have enough time to post anything, this includes my Y! Gallery, Tumblr and Inkbunny account (not that that account was being updated frequently anyway). So I might disappear for a while.

    When it comes to statues of Commissions, I'll still have them open. But please be patient with me if you request one from me. However the method of contact will be a bit different this time. Since I won't have the time to get on my computer as often, seeing as a I bought myself a tablet for that purpose, I will not be on this account or any of my others. Even for just dropping by and checking my messages. So my only method of contact will have to be through Skype/Email. You can contact me through the following: AmeUchikina-Chan</strong>

    Please, I ask that you do not spam me with anything, I am trusting you guys to be that I have given my Skype out to you to either keep in touch with me/talk, or request an art commission since it would be the only method of contact with me.

    Once this semester's over, I will update a tad more frequently (maybe). So until then I'll see you guys later! Have a fun upcoming spring everyone!

:star::star::star::star::star::star::star:Commission information:star::star::star::star::star::star::star:
Can Be Found Here


Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan:thumb384938392: TMNT Stamp by KawaiiKittee88 Hetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa
Kuroko no Basuke Stamp by junko-in-the-box YuGiOh stamp by prosaix Yu-Gi-Oh GX Stamp by AESD Pokemon Games Stamp by thatkidkale
Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 DC by laselwoo Junjou Romantica stamp by Blue--Rosa Sekaiichi hatsukoi stamp by vampireotakuhime-san

10000 Points and art giveaway

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 7, 2014, 12:03 PM
Hey guys! This lovely person is making a 10000 points giveaway and some art prizes too! Check it out! :D…


Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan:thumb384938392: TMNT Stamp by KawaiiKittee88 Hetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa
Kuroko no Basuke Stamp by junko-in-the-box YuGiOh stamp by prosaix Yu-Gi-Oh GX Stamp by AESD Pokemon Games Stamp by thatkidkale
Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 DC by laselwoo Junjou Romantica stamp by Blue--Rosa Sekaiichi hatsukoi stamp by vampireotakuhime-san